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Lincoln Rotary Club #14 Strategic Plan

  1. Here's what we're working on for this year:
  2. One of our attributes will be that our club has members from every major employer in and around Lincoln and our membership will include a wide range of community leaders from business, education, government and nonprofit organizations.
  3. Rotary 14 will become a totally electronic club.
  4. In the vocational service area, we’ll be known as a leader involved with mentoring programs in the community
  5. Under the category of community service, our work with Everett Elementary will be expanded to include other high need elementary schools.
  6. Our youth service focus will increase the amount and number of scholarships we offer and we will invite members of high school student councils to attend at least one meeting of our club as a group. Perhaps they’ll be invited to take part in our program. One of the scholarships to be added will be a scholarship specifically focused on underprivileged students.
  7. We hope and pray that Polio will be eradicated.
  8. Under the international service banner, Rotary 14 will seek to increase the number of international exchange students.
  9. Our Rise Shine Give fundraising event will reach a $75,000 goal.
  10. Our contributions to RI Foundation will average $150 per member.