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Donor Recognition

Vision 2020 Donors

As we continue our second century of service as a club, we continue the process of building an even greater vision for the future of our foundation and the new initiatives it will make possible in the future. The Vision 2020 campaign, invites new Rotarians and those that have completed an earlier pledge, to pledge a total of $2,020, or $202 per year for 10 years. This campaign began in February of 2011 with the goal of having a $2.2 million endowment by the year 2020, to allow us to make a $200,000 gift for a Signature Project in celebration of the 110th anniversary of Club #14. Vision 2020 donors to date are:

Tom Allman, Jr.

Beverly R. Austin

Tom Ball

Thomas W. Ballard

Barbara Bartle

John G. Benson

Margaret Berry

Nancy Bidrowski

Patricia J. Birch

Randall Bretz

Jennifer Brinkman

Mary & John Buckley

Robert F. Burns

Robert Campbell

Phyllis G. Chambers

Doc Chaves

Tim Clare

Geoffrey Cline

Frosty Critchfield

Janet M. Danielson

Larry L. DeFord

Nola Derby-Bennett

Susan E. Dinsmore

Gregory A. Dynek

Brett E. Ebert

Maurice Enders

Nancy Finken

Russel K. Free

Lisa Froehlich

Shanti Gangadharan

Ruth & Jay Gerber

John C. Gessert

Joan R. Giesecke

Peggy L. Green

Priscilla C. Grew Ph.D.

Jim and Margaret Griesen

Sanford Grossbart

M. N. Halstead

Topher Hansen

Shannon R. Harner

Dr. and Mrs. Klaus Hartmann

Randal Hawthorne

Jeff Hebb

Philip and Barbara Heckman

Priscilla Henkelmann

Kiersten Hill

Jane Renner Hood

Justin Kalemkiarian

Tim Kenny

JoAnne Kissel

Arthur L. Knox

Mark A. Koller

Liz S. & Kenneth W. Koop Jr.

Donald D. Kucera

Scott A. Larson

Patricia Leach

Lisa Lee

MG Roger P. Lempke

Stephen M. Letts

Leslie Levy

Mike and Jody Lindberg

Donald W. Linscott

David C. Livingston

Barry J. Lockard

Andrew M. Loudon

Roger R. Ludemann

Maria Marron

Dr. Martin A. Massengale

James A. Mastera

Robert M. Mastera

Patrick R. and Courtney McCashland

Don W. McClure

Colin McWilliams

Al Meder

Anthony O. Messineo Jr.

Cynthia H. Milligan

Darlene and Don W. Miltner Sr.

William J. Mueller

Greg Newport

Bill & Jan Norris

Charles Ogden

William H. Palmer

David C. Pauley

Sarah G. Peetz

Erin C. Duggan Pemberton

Dean L. and Darlene M. Petersen

Zainudeen I. Popoola

Robert R. Rauner III

Carrie Lynne Richardson

Bruce E. Rippeteau

Larry Routh

Jessica Rustad

Zachary Rustad

Kris Rutford

William R. Schmeeckle

Dean Schneider

Charles P. Schroeder

David E. Shiffermiller

Christopher M. Smith

Michael J. Smith

Susan Stibal & Brian Ardinger

Craig W. Strong

Barbara Tyler

Christina L. Usher

Rebecca Van de Bogart

Wendy Van

Dan Vokoun

Kevin G. Wailes

Tammy J. Ward

M. Jay Wexler

Daniel E. Wherry

Sharon Wherry

Herman A. Wiebers

Michael J. Wortman

Keith Zaborowski

Michael J. Zeleny

Dr. Arthur I. Zygielbaum

Chris Zygielbaum