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Donor Recognition

Centennial Club Donors

Established at the end of the Founders’ Group campaign on December 31, 2001, new members and others who had not contributed previously joined the Centennial Club. This campaign, beginning in January of 2002 and lasting through our club centennial year of 2010, included gifts of $2,010 or more, again paid over 10 years. These gifts were used to support two major projects. In 2005, in celebration of Rotary International's 100th anniversary, we gave $42,000 for the Rotary Pavilion at Sunken Gardens as part of the renovation project. In 2010, we made a major community gift of $100,000 to help fund the Elliott Park & Playground Project as our Centennial Project, and to build the future giving capacity of Club 14. Centennial Club members are: