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Donor Recognition

Centennial Club Donors

Established at the end of the Founders’ Group campaign on December 31, 2001, new members and others who had not contributed previously joined the Centennial Club. This campaign began in January of 2002, lasting through our club centennial year of 2010, included gifts of $2,010 or more, again paid over 10 years. These gifts were used to help finance our 100th anniversary project, and to build the future giving capacity of Club #14. Centennial Club members are:

Duane W. Acklie

Carl & Jeanette Alexis

Beverly R. Austin

Kris Baack

Daniel H. Badeer

Randall Bretz

Tom Christie

Lucy Buntain Comine

Pamela Dingman

Gregory A. Dynek

Douglas Emery

Sandra Fabry

Glenn Friendt

Patricia A. Gergen

John C. Gessert

Barry G. Gourley

Peggy L. Green

Mike Hale

Donna K. Hammack

Gary Harmon

Cathy Hietbrink

Jennifer L. Hilkemann

Lloyd L. Johnson

Larry Keiter

Dianne & Walker Kennedy

Patrick J. Kenney

Greg Key

Kenneth W. Koop Jr.

M. Justin Kozisek

Catherine D. Lang

Keith N. Larsen

Scott A. Larson

Michael G. Laughlin

MG Roger P. Lempke

Mike and Jody Lindberg

Nadine McHenry

Anthony O. Messineo Jr.

Cindy Miserez

Roger M. Moody

Donald W. Pederson

Stephen J. Peregrine

Kent A. Peterson

Paul Quinlan

Lori A. Raphael

W. Bruce Remington

Bruce E. Rippeteau

Larry Routh

Larry L. Ruth

Thomas C. Sattler

DiAnna R. & Herb Schimek

Dean Schneider

Jane L. Schoenike

Vi See

Dean Settle

Carl J. Sjulin

James R. & Jennifer L. Smith

Stuart M. Spero

Donald E. Spinar

Mark Stephens

Richard C. Stoakes

Craig W. Strong

Suzanne Sughroue

Dave & Tracey Swan

David P. Thompson

Michele Tilley

Rebecca Van de Bogart

Mailani Veney

DeEtta J. Vrana

Brian Wachman

William R. Wickersham

Scott J. Williamson

Richard L. Wintermute

Michael J. Wortman

Chris Zygielbaum