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Donor Recognition

Memory Book Honorees

These individuals have been remembered by their friends and family through the Lincoln Rotary Club #14 Foundation Memory Book. This special recognition is provided when a memorial donation is made in their name.

Duane W. Acklie

Alfred H. Adams

Carl Alexis

Paul J. Amen

James C. Baer

Robert H. Baldwin

Vincent Brown

LeRoy Butherus

Diane Chauche

Oliver T. Christensen

Doris A. Cook

Dan T. Drain

Carolyn M. Ebel

Howard Elm

Richard T. Emery

Lawrence A. Frazier

Dr. Richard W. Hammer

Gary Harmon

Don P. Harrington, Jr.

Philip Heckman

Leland L. S. Holdt

Lloyd L. Johnson

Richard B. Johnson

Walker Kennedy

Dr. Robert W. Kleis

Earl T. Luff

James L. Merrifield

Cecil F. Metzger

Don W. Miltner Sr.

Frank B. Morrison

Eland Mumm

William Orr

Robert W. Palme

William H. Palmer

Dr. Vance D. Rogers

Robert J. R. Rohrbaugh

Joseph P. Rowson

Lynne K. Rustad

Faie Saunders

In Memory of Mary Ann Skoog

Richard W. Smith

Charles Thone

Laurence T. Tyler

Col. John E. Wolter