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Supporting the Mission

How Your Donations Support the Mission

Lincoln Rotary Club 14 Foundation is the conduit for all charitable giving and community service projects of Lincoln Rotary Club 14.  Your gifts, both large and small, help us to achieve the mission.

Club Projects

Funding for projects such as Dictionary Project, Youth Exchange, International Student Picnic, and RYLA comes from the earnings of our $2.7 Million corpus, fines, Business Networking Day, and other miscellaneous giving.

Community Grants and Projects

Rotarians and friends have built an endowment, currently valued at $2.7 Million, for service to our community. The broadest area of support has come from our pledge campaigns: The Founders' Group, Centennial Club, Vision 2020, and our current 5/25 campaign to reach our goal of $5 Million by the year 2025, as well as from our annual auctions and Rise.Shine.Give. fundraisers and other miscellaneous donations.

The Foundation's project and grant implementation plan provides for a portion of the annual earnings of this endowment to be granted for club and community projects awarded through an application process, while also setting aside a portion of those earnings to build future giving capacity and to support club “Signature Projects” such as the Elliott Park and Playground Project and renovation of Bicentennial Cascade Fountain, also known as the “Teachers’ Fountain.”

Recent grants supported local organizations such as Foundation for LPS for families facing impacts related to the pandemic, Bright Lights for student scholarships, Friends of Lied for child arts education, Junior Achievement for curriculum for students at Everett School, Salvation Army for music classes, Willard Community Center for Chromebooks for after school programs, Tabitha Meals on Wheels, and support of activities for Everett School students. Up to 10% of the annual earnings are used to support World Service & Community Projects we’ve partnered with such as sustainable living in Namibia, canals for water for gardening in Zambia, wheelchairs for polio survivors in Ivory Coast, youth education in Uganda, education for women entrepreneurs in Congo and water tanks in Kenya

Special Endowments

A select group of contributors have chosen to fund special endowments enabling us to support high school scholarships, the Miller Math Award, and the Martin Legacy contribution for polio eradication.

Other Special Projects

Other projects supported by direct funding include: birthday books for elementary schools in Lincoln, COVID-19 Task Force, and the Rotaract Wheelchair project.