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High School Scholarships

We believe in the value of education as a way to help people grow and ultimately contribute to society in a positive way. Each year, Rotary #14 awards college scholarships to deserving students to help them attend the college of their choice. Seniors in any of Lincoln’s public or private high schools are eligible to apply with the award based on academic accomplishment in high school and acceptance into a college or university. Each scholarship is renewable for a total of four years should the recipient maintain a 3.0 grade point average (on a 4 point system).

To apply for a scholarship, apply at

Past Scholarship Recipients

1993 Andrea K. Zins
1994 Rebecca L. Peters
1995 Jody N. Briggs/Laura A. Reznicek
1996 Sheila K. Obrist
1997 Umasuthan Srikumaran
1998 Jessica Slaughter
1999 Jinohn R. Wekesser
2000 Carrie Calkins
2001 Matt Beran
2002 Wendy Divine
2003 Lindsey L. Million
2004 Kari Sufficool
2005 Ann Hunter-Pirtle/Jacob L. Thompson-Krug
2006 Nathan Scott Persell
2007 Vanessa Katherine Ventry
2008 Dain Finke
2009 Grace Farley
2010 Kelsey Arends
2011 My Kim Le
2012 Hope Edwards/Poe Dee
2013 Abi Paudel
2014 Elizabeth C. Hoffman
2015 Sonoor Majid
2016 Julien Hoffman
2017 Hannah Fischer
2018 Teagan Bowman
2019 Annie Bui