Giving comes in many forms

  • Time

    Participation is a big part of being a Rotarian. All active members are encouraged to maintain a 60% participation rate for the year.

    While we encourage every Rotarian to participate in the weekly meetings, "Service Above Self" is demonstrated most effectively by helping others through giving your time. Around Lincoln you’ll find Rotarians ringing bells for the Salvation Army, serving meals at The Gathering Place, going into our schools to distribute dictionaries, meeting with a young man or woman as a mentor, and the list goes on. By giving of their time, Rotarians are putting service above self.

    Each year we award those with 100% Participation Rate (and for each consecutive year after) with a recognition pin. We have one member in our club today who has perfect participation for the past 30 years!

  • Talent

    Rotary members come from all professions and all types of organizations. Some are from for-profit companies others are from non-profit organizations. We have managers, CEO's, lawyers, accountants, professors, graphic designers, bankers, researchers, computer system designers, financial advisers, and insurance agents. The list is long! But quite often we are the beneficiary of some really great talents they share - organizing, designing, public speaking, athleticism, philanthropy, story-telling! As a Rotarian you never know which talents of yours may be utilized; just be sure we know what all of them are!

  • Treasure

    Rotary members are often very generous within the means of their livelihood. Rotary Club #14 has a number of ways you can choose to support the community and the world. We have our own Club #14 Foundation which primarily supports local community projects; the Rotary International Foundation which supports the international efforts of Rotary - including Polio Eradication; and finally, our Service Club, that raises money through annual donations, Business Networking day contributions, and "fining" members who appear in the news/print media. Grants are made from the Service semi-annually toward smaller projects in Lincoln.